Welcome to the website of Peter Brietbart, writer, producer and transhumanist philosopher.

I’ve travelled a fair way in my existential ponderings. I began – as many do – frustrated with the conservative impact and moral harms of organised religion. I founded Sussex University Secular Society and produced a film, Madman or Something Worse (P1, P2), which critically assessed the ethics of Jesus Christ.

Finding that atheism alone was not productive, I moved into humanism, which I perceived to offer the positive, constructive framework mere atheism lacked. I worked with the British Humanist Association to produce videos that function as introductions to humanism as a concept (here), and the BHA as an organisation (here).

Through an enduring and consistently engaging friendship with the philosopher David Pearce, I realised that though humanism poses the problems well, it doesn’t engage the solutions head-on. I’ve became an ideologically committed vegetarian, effective altruist and transhumanist, and I produced a video, PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism (here) which introduces the three dominant areas of transhumanist thought.

It is my endeavour to populate this site with my features, articles and thoughts.

Peter Brietbart